How to beat Procrastination!

As many of us start to approach study and exam time our “inner critic” may be starting to creep in, telling you, “I won’t be ready” or “I’m going to fail.” This invariably will slow down your progress and may even put you off starting your studies at all. But there is a quick three-step formula in order to set yourself up to tackle procrastination.

About Perfectionism

In an exam setting…. many students fall into the perfectionism trap and spend too much time on questions trying to get things “perfect”. Sound familiar? So,which is better? Managing your time and getting through the paper with strong answers or aiming for perfection, writing down “100%” answers and running out of time with 2 questions left to answer?

How To Approach A Resit

Well, the bad news is you failed your exam. The good news is, it’s not the end of the world. It is tough to accept you studied until your eyes went dry and almost fell out of your head, you stayed up late with an urn of coffee to go over every fact and figure and you just didn’t make it… this time! It isn’t ideal, but you have an option to re-sit your exam. What mindset do you need to ensure success?