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How Exams Set You Up For Life

Within your student career, you are measured according to your skills and this does not stop when we enter the working world. We learn to use it as feedback on how to improve and where our strengths lie and this helps us deal with the pressure. See….. there is a reasons for the madness of exams after all!

James Perry
July 17, 2019
Mind Audit - Mindset and Motivation for Success in Accounting and Finance

Where are you in your motivational journey? The more your career progress, the deeper the reasons, the deeper the CORE motivations and clearer the activities become – the “Mind Audit” process had begun! With real life experiences, adversity, opportunity, successes, failures, laughs and tears, this book will explain some observations and show you a common-sense approach to staying motivated in order to succeed in your career in Accounting & Finance.

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