Study Work Life Balancing Act

Many of us are pursuing a professional qualification while working and a critical factor of being successful is to balance your career with your studies. A few years ago in 2003, when I started my journey as a Trainee Chartered Accountant with Grant Thornton in Belfast, I knew that I would have to sacrifice some things in order to keep my studies on track. The “Study Work Life” Balancing Act began!

The Best Music To Study To?

Music for some is a wonderful way to enhance the study experience, music may help the mind from wandering. Quiet can even cause you to be far more bored and retain less. Think about it though, it is quiet when you head off to bed, hence the heavy eyelids when you’re going through the last sentence for the fifth time.

10 Killer Tips For Study

In this blog you have heard a lot from me about my advice, tips on exams and studying but when having a cup of coffee with a former client of mine, Neil, who passed his final Accounting exams a year ago, I thought it would be a great idea for him to share his 10 top tips for exam success. As someone who has been through the whole process and come out the other side, his advice is invaluable. Over to you Neil!

Eat Your Way to Exam Success

We have all heard this expression from the 80’s and know that ‘Lunch is for Wimps’ really meant, if you are eating lunch, you weren’t working! The funny thing about it is, we need food to be able to study (or work or do pretty much anything)and skipping meals is as productive as we were led to believe.