Why Should You Pass Your Exams?

There are some hugely important people in the world that have completed flunked their exams but excelled in life, so then why do we need exams? What is all the stress and pressure for?

    1. Exams provide students with the necessary qualities in life.

Believe it or not many important qualities in life are tested, formed and built up through exams. Among these are hard work, patience, creativeness, leadership, memory, knowledge, skill, sense of pride and so on. Through exams, these qualities are formed and tested and thus helping students further develop, prove their abilities and overcome their weaknesses in order to enhance their chances of being more successful.

    2. Exams provide students with a sense of accomplishment

It’s a great feeling to have achieved that we wanted! Some things are not easy to accomplish in life but by taking exams we know where we stand and where we have to reach. The effort that we need to put in to reach those goals is made very clear to us.

    3. They test your calibre

It’s not an easy task to know your calibre, however exams make it very simple and easy for us. You may not be worried as to where your position in life is but the art of examining yourself is a very good exam in itself. It tests your calibre and your strengths and lets you know what to take up or focus on next thus gives more space for your own thoughts and development.

What About Accounting?

Accountancy exams provide you with an in-depth understanding across accountancy, finance and business. Combined, they help build the technical knowledge, professional and practical skills needed in Accounting. Each component is designed to complement each other, which means that you can put theory into practice and you can understand and apply what you learn to your day-to-day work. Progression through all the elements simultaneously will enable students to be more successful in the workplace and exams.

Accounting exams specifically test amongst other things:

  • Adding value
  • Communication skills
  • Evaluation skills
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Technical competence
  • Time management
  • Providing quality work under pressure
  • Ethics and professional scepticism

So, there is a method in the madness of exams after all!

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